RTT Test Creation Error in DX NetOps CA Performance Management (CAPM) - NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM
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RTT Test Creation Error in DX NetOps CA Performance Management (CAPM) - NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Creating an RTT test as per:  TechDocs : DX NetOps CAPM 23.3 : Configure RTT Tests - Gather Required Information

  • The following information is required to configure a test:
    • DA host/address

    • IpDomainId
  • Required for the specific test:
    • TestHost
      The IP address of the device where 
      CA Performance Management
       creates the test.
    • Depending on the test type, one of the following targets is required:
      • TargetAddress
        The device that receives the test probes.
      • (DNS) TargetAddressString
        IP address or hostname of the target that receives the probes. Use this string instead of TargetAddress.
      • (HTTP) Url
        The URL that the HTTP probe communicates with.


<IcmpPathEchoRoundTripTestProfile version="1.0.0">
   <Item version="1.0.0">
    <Name>Example ICMP Path Echo Test</Name>



When the Test is created however, it results in the following error:

{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}NormalizedPathEchoInfo.Owner: NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}NormalizedPathEchoInfo.Timeout: NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}NormalizedPathEchoInfo.TargetAddress: NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}NormalizedPathEchoInfo.RttType: NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}NormalizedPathEchoInfo.Frequency: NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}NormalizedPathEchoInfo.Tag: NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM{http://im.ca.com/normalizer}NormalizedPathEchoInfo.Threshold: NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM


DX NetOps CAPM currently supported releases


This is due to two possible causes:

  1. Regarding the test requirements on the device end, the Device is not able allow the creation via 3rd party Tool, the question is: Are you able to create this tests directly at the Device end using a CMI (command line interface)?

    In order to create a RTT test on the device, the device has to support the RTT.  Or even if the device does support the RTT, the device has to monitor the Metric Family (MF) of the RTT.

    Can you create a Monitoring Profile (MP) with MF "Response Path Test ICMP" and attach the MP to the device?  If the MF is marked as Not Supported on the device, see the screenshot below, then you will get the NO_SUCH_FACET_FOR_ITEM when creating the RTT test.

  2. If you are able to create the test directly on the Device end, then this Device is not Certified in CAPM to create tests via profile. Hence, it needs to be certified.


Configure the Device to be able to allow to create the RTT ICMP Tests.

Alternately, raise a certification request for the device as per: 

KB : Requirements for DX Netops Performance Management Certification Request