Data Repository script fails after providing root password
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Data Repository script fails after providing root password


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When running the script, after providing the requested root user password, the script fails with an error. It references the permission being denied for the root user.

This can be observed from upgrade efforts on either single node or clustered multi-node Data Repository environments. 

Error example: 

root@system's password:
Connection closed by port 22
Failed to set up passwordless SSH from dnvrco-prod-hpnacore04 to root@syste, [FAIL]
This installer will now exit


All supported Performance Management releases


The sshd_config file is configured to deny root user ssh log in.


As root edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. Ensure the following line is present (ensure it's not commented out) in the Authentication section of the file.


  • PermitRootLogin yes

Save the changes, and restart the sshd service using:

  • systemctl restart sshd


The should now work after providing the correct root password when prompted.


Additional Information

To determine the current settings run the following as root, including example output:

[root@hostName ~]# sshd -T | grep -i root

permitrootlogin yes

chrootdirectory none