Recommended DRAS THREADS Settings
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Recommended DRAS THREADS Settings


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How to determine an appropriate DRAS THREADS setting for your shop and Web Viewer usage - What guidance is there for how large the THREADS value should be?


Release : 12.2 - ALL

Component : CA Distributed Repository Access System (CA DRAS)


Each thread opens a TCB -Thread Control Block which means it uses storage. However this should not be a problem.

32 threads is a good number for most shops, since each thread is only used for milliseconds for a request.

32 threads does not equate to 32 users.  It equates to 32 concurrent requests which are only live for milliseconds.

Here is how to verify:

To determine the number of concurrent requests:

  • turn DRAS Message Suppression OFF and run with it OFF
  • review the CA DRAS task log for the high number in the “conid(nn)” messages.
  • If the conid high numbers are close to the Threads setting, then Threads should be increased. 

What is your highest conid(nn) number when running at peak? Set your number of DRAS threads accordingly. Threads may be set to a maximum of 99.