FTP monitor errors out on reading text
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FTP monitor errors out on reading text


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


Have an ftp monitor which is trying to read a text in one of the files on ftp. But its erroring out.


Release : 10.1



FTP Monitor does not supported text reading 


Basically, ftp monitoring does not support text reading, files nor listing of items. Just login only.  It applies to http and https, 

Per the description from the information provided in teh help.

Monitoring ->  Monitors -> General -> Match String or Regular Expression: 

Both normal text strings and regular expressions are supported.

Use text matching to see if a web page is displaying correctly. Http and https monitors base their judgment on the HTTP response code (e.g. 200). But in some cases your web server may return a blank page, and still have response code 200 (OK). A match monitor will detect this where the normal http monitor won't.

Or, use text matching to check a page for the absence or presence of a specific error (or just search for the word 'error' if not used in the correct page).

To create a match monitor, add a new monitor and select 'http' or 'https' from the 'type' drop down menu. Fill out the 'match' field with the text that you want to search for and provide page details. Text not found is regarded as an error. To do the opposite, add an exclamation mark in front of the string. For example, '!sql error' triggers an error by CA App Synthetic Monitor when the phrase 'sql error' is found on the page.

You can use regular expressions for more complex matching. See this page for more information about regular expressions.


Match case insensitive for the word 'copyright': /copyright/i

Match for at least one HTML tag with spaces around it: /[:space:]<.+>[:space:]/i

Match for the existence of a HTML form: /<form.*>.+<\/form>/i

The negation character '!' also applies to regular expressions, so !/copyright/i results in an error when the word 'Copyright' is found.