SMFD - How to Replace a Tape
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SMFD - How to Replace a Tape


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JARS SMF Director


I have an SMFD tape (P07954) containing 75 dump files. The tape is stored in CA Vtape under CA1 tape management. I would like to move the contents of this tape to another tape so I can free volser P07954 - reason being it is the last tape image occupying a disk volume in the CA Vtape cache that I am trying to free up.

Can you advise how I can move the content of this tape elsewhere, while keeping the SMFD index (SCDS) happy.


Release : any supported release 

Component : CA SMF Director 


There are a couple of ways to update the information in the SCDS to ensure that SMF Director can find the files for later extraction. 

1) If the files were moved to a new tape in the same order and have everything else the same, then all you need to do is update the volume
serial information on the entries using the UPDTX control statement.  Admittedly, it will take some time to set it up, but once it is set up, it will run fairly quickly. 

2) Another alternative is to remove the existing entries from the SCDS using the DELETEX control statement (this will make the data inaccessible for a bit,
but the data itself is not lost) and then use the SOURCE DUMP operation to have SMF Director reprocess the data into it's history archive.  
This will take longer (since it is reading 75 files) but it is a lot easier to set up. 

Before performing either operation, please make sure you take a BACKUP of the SCDS just in case something goes wrong. 

If you are using method #1 and are unsure of the UPDTX control statement, you can take the back up, restore it to a separate test SCDS file,
and then test your UPDTX statements against that test SCDS to verify that the statements are working as intended.