The ifoperstatus is up, but the link_status shows disabled
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The ifoperstatus is up, but the link_status shows disabled


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CA Spectrum


We are attempting to model the interface connections between two devices.  We have confirmed on the devices that the interfaces are up and passing traffic.  However Spectrum shows one of the interfaces with link_condition (0x11d3e) = "disabled".

We have tried deleting, and reconnecting the link in spectrum, but the issue doesn't go away. 


Link Condition (0x11d3e) is controlled by Internal_Link_Status (IPLS - 0x10f1b), the Internal Link Status gets its information from both the IfOperStatus and IfAdminStatus.

For this problem, when we check the interfaces that have Link Condition as being disabled, we see the Internal Link Status (0x10f1b) as being in Maintenance.  When we check the IfAdminStatus we see that it is incorrectly populated with a value of 9 for all incorrect interfaces.

As per the Mib Defination, there can only be 3 possible values for IfAdminStatus, 1,2 or 3.

ifAdminStatus OBJECT-TYPE






ACCESS read-write

STATUS mandatory


"The desired state of the interface.  The

                      testing(3) state indicates that no operational

                      packets can be passed."

::= { ifEntry 7 }



The devices populate the ifAdminStatus attribute with a 9, which is not defined as only 1, 2 or 3 are acceptable values as per the mib.

This appears to have caused the Link Status to be disabled and the Internal Link Status to show up as Maintenance.

As this is a vendor problem with the incorrect population of the mib, you will need to check with the vendor to see why IfAdminStatus is being populated incorrectly.