File transfer with special character in the file name
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File transfer with special character in the file name


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We encounter a problem, when trying to transfer a file with the following name, the following happens:


"C:\Program Files\CA\XCOM"\XCOMTCP -f "C:\Program Files\CA\XCOM"\CONFIG\PtoPXcom.xml REMOTE_SYSTEM=ipname LOCAL_FILE="c:\temp\2019-8-31 Cross ORG PUB*" REMOTE_FILE=D:\temp\* CODE_FLAG=BINARY QUEUE=NO FILE_OPTION=REPLACE xtrace=10

Copyright (c) 2012 CA.  All rights reserved.

2019/10/10 11:20:26 TID=217508 [c:\temp\2019-8-31 Cross ORG PUB* --> D:\temp\* at <IP Address>]

    XCOMN0029I Locally initiated transfer started.


2019/10/10 11:20:28 TID=217508

    XCOMN0011I Transfer ended; 16 records (470781 bytes) transmitted in 2 seconds (235390 bytes/second)


source file:  2019-8-31 Cross ORG <file name>° (1098).pdf

destination file: 2019-8-31 Cross ORG <file name>


as you can see, when transferring the file the name is not shown complete and leaves it without extension.   When you try to open the said file, it cannot and shows it as damaged.   


The same source file, the name is modified by extracting the special character "°" and the transfer is successful.



Release : 11.6

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


The cause is due to the double byte character being used on the file name.


CA XCOM does not support file names with double byte characters at this time.

Additional Information

Please open an Idea in the CA XCOM Community if one should not exist at this time.