CA Gen Communications Bridge and support for "ATTACHSEC=IDENTIFY"
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CA Gen Communications Bridge and support for "ATTACHSEC=IDENTIFY"


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We have setup LU security to be "ATTACHSEC=IDENTIFY" so we only want the Gen Comms Bridge to populate the USERID field when it i sends the data to CICS and not the PASSWORD field as well.

In Client exit WREXITN.C function WRSECTOKEN we have enabled Enhanced Security by setting:

set  rc = SecurityUsedEnhanced;

*bClntMgrSecurity = TRUE;

We have tried to set clientPassword  to NULL or spaces but the Comms Bridge is still populating the PASSWORD field i.e.



strncpy(clientPassword,"        ",8);


Release : 7.x, 8.x

Component : CA Gen Run Time, Distributed


1. The  support for "ATTACHSEC=IDENTIFY" was first provided in Gen Comms Bridge release Gen 7.6 release, although PTFs for it are available with Gen 7.0 (CCN70004/QO80484) and Gen 7.5 (CCN75002/QO82962) (CA Gen Communication Bridge Problem # 26)

2. In WRSECTOKEN the clientPassword needs to be set so that only the first character has a space and there is a non-space character somewhere else in the rest of the string e.g. set the clientPassword as follows:

 strncpy(clientPassword," 1      ",8);

Additional Information

CA GEN 8.6 > LU6.2 Security