Can't read virtual tapes on another system
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Can't read virtual tapes on another system


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Vtape Virtual Tape System


Trying to read a virtual tape, for which the NFS cache data sets have been copied from SYSA to SYSB, the job fails with

IEC149I 813-04,IFG0195H,SYSTEM4R,STEP01,TAPE,0B01,VU0017,  020        


Release : 12.6

Component : CA VTAPE


The S813-04 was caused by not recalling the virtual tape successfully from NFS cache on SYSB and thus an empty tape was opened.
Be sure the tape was recalled successfully from NFS cache using SVTn START RECALL=vvvvvv

Additional Information

The SYSA and SYSB systems externalize to NFS. In order to use the SYSA tapes on SYSB the Vvvvvv.VVE and Vvvvvv.VOL files have to be copied from SYSA to the corresponding directories on the SYSB system and SVTn START RECALL=vvvvvv must be issued to recall the copied volume from NFS cache.
NOTE: the group directory must not change, otherwise SVTn START RECALL=vvvvvv will fail on the target system.
Additionally be sure the Vtape target system has access to the copied Vvvvvv.VVE and Vvvvvv.VOL files to prevent 

SVT1U2799E - vvvvvv RECALL FAILED OFFSET:800005AE, R15:00000020, R0:00000200

during SVTn START RECALL=vvvvvv. If necessary use chmod command to set the permission bits of these files accordingly.