After a Z/os upgrade from z/OS 2.1 to z/OS 2.3 Intertest CICS issues an ABP 06 breakpoint.
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After a Z/os upgrade from z/OS 2.1 to z/OS 2.3 Intertest CICS issues an ABP 06 breakpoint.


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The client just upgraded from Z/OS 2.1 to Z/OS 2.3 and at the same time upgraded from Enterprise COBOL 4.2 to 6.2. The client then sets Intertest CICS  monitoring on their program and sets an unconditional breakpoint UBP the  first statement number in the procedure division. When the client executes their program they receive an automatic breakpoint  ABP 06 before the execution of the first statement in the COBOL program.  At the ABP breakpoint the source code is displayed at the first statement in the program which is the Identification division.  No changes were made to CICS or Intertest CICS as part of this upgrade.




The IBM DEBUG product has changed between Z/OS 2.1 and Z/OS 2.3 and cannot be run in the same CICS region as Intertest CICS. Before the Z/OS 2.3 upgrade Intertest CICS  and the IBM Debug product where installed in the CICS region. 


IBM is not compatible with Intertest CICS. You cannot run both products at the same time in CICS as per IBM.

As per IBM

I have discussed this case with the z/OS Debugger development team and as I have found in our z/OS Debugger Users Guide documentation, what you are trying to do with INTERTEST is not supported. Here is the link to the information:

The Link States

Coexistence with other debuggers cannot be guaranteed because there can be situations where multiple debuggers might contend for use of storage, facilities, and interfaces that are intended for only one requester.