CA Deliver - Want to See List of All Printed Reports
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CA Deliver - Want to See List of All Printed Reports


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The client would like a report showing all of the reports that are printed to hardcopy on a daily basis. 

If the report does not show a print Destination, can it be assumed that the report was printed?

Is it possible to do this for a designated period of time?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


A report can still print to somewhere, not necessarily having a Destination field value, so no Destination does not infer a report's not being printed.

To have information for a month, there would need to be kept much report history.

The amount of report history kept would be found in the RMOPARM MAXHIST=nnn.
If the parameter is MAXHIST=3, then there will be the last 3 historical entries for when a report was processed.
For example, if a report is only generated weekly, then MAXHIST=3 will show 3 weeks.