Users created via API get viewer permission to creators default Rally projects
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Users created via API get viewer permission to creators default Rally projects


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Rally SaaS


We are using an external client to create users via the Rally API. When the users are created in Rally though they are getting Viewer permissions to the last default Rally ID is set to.


Unfortunately, there is not a way to add a User to a specific workspace/project upon the initial creation of the user when using the API. This can be done in a two-step method by creating the user then changing the permissions (using the Rally user interface) to the project that they need to be in.

The behavior we are seeing (for the default project issue) is expected and noted in our API documentation ( under the "User Creation/Management" section in the left column): a newly created user will have Workspace User and Project Viewer permissions according to the subscription administrators default workspace and project. If no default workspace or project is set, the first open project will be chosen alphabetically. The workspace associated with that project will be chosen as the current default workspace. You can also find information about "Permission management for Users" in this same section.

There are a couple of workarounds for this:

1. Remove the default project in your profile when adding users. This would place the user (as a viewer) into the first project that displays alphanumerically in the workspace you are in. I have seen users create a project named _misc in their workspace that they add users into initially. Then change their permissions as needed after they are created.  This could be done in bulk on the "Project Users Summary Page".  I will discuss this in more detail later in my email.


2. Change your default project to the project you would like the users added to when they are created.

The Project Users summary page displays a list of users that have access to the selected project. The page also allows you to quickly add new and existing users to a project and manage existing access levels.  This page also allows copying all users from a specific project.  Here is a link for the help page on this:

To navigate to the Project Users Summary page:

  1. Select the Setup icon from the navigation bar in the upper-right corner of the CA Agile Central display.
  2. Select Workspaces & Projects in the menu bar at the top.
  3. Expand or select a workspace and select the name of your project.
  4. Select the Users link in the sidebar of the project's detail page.