XCOM transfer request gets XCOMU0321E Error
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XCOM transfer request gets XCOMU0321E Error


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What is the meaning and the possible solutions for the error message:

XCOMU0321E Error requesting trailer confirmation: Txpi 226: Select timed out with no data available.


Release : 11.6


Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Linux PC 


The first part of this message "Error requesting trailer confirmation" indicates that the transfer was almost complete.

The sending partner has sent all the data and has also sent the 'xcom trailer' which contains a count of the records sent.

XCOM is now expecting the receiving partner to confirm the record count and subsequently terminate the transfer.


The second part of the message "select timeout with no data available"  indicates that the receiving partner has not responded within the assigned timeout period.



The cause of this error may be:

- The connection has been lost at this exact spot.

- The transfer was a 'sendjob' operation causing a script to be run at the partner, and the script has taken too long to execute;

   (the partner will run the script before confirming the trailer).

- The partner has a 'post processing script' defined in xcom.glb parameter XPPCMD which is taking long to run.