Automate device IP address change in Performance Management
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Automate device IP address change in Performance Management


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We've identified some devices where the IP address has not been changed in performance center when the IP address has been changed in DNS.

We are able to manually make this change. Is there a way it can be automated?

How to automate IP address changes for devices managed by the Data Aggregator in Performance Management


All supported Performance Management releases


Performance Management and the Data Aggregator do not perform IP address updates to managed devices out of the box.


There is a feature that can be enabled, which is not enabled out of the box, that will automate this process. It is a configuration option enabled and disabled via REST.

Automatic Change Detection

By default, when the IP address that maps to a hostname on the physical device changes, the primary IP on the device item does not change. To update the primary IP automatically, enable IP change detection. CA Performance Management tries to detect the IP address change only after two consecutive polling failures. The data collector uses a reverse hostname lookup to find the new IP address.

Note: If your DNS is not up to date, automatic change detection may cause errors.

Use the following REST to enable or disable IP change detection:

URL:  http://{da-host}:8581/rest/discoverydefaultconfig/{itemID}

  • Enable:

    <DiscoveryDefaultConfig  version="1.0.0">



  • Disable:

    <DiscoveryDefaultConfig  version="1.0.0">



Additional Information

The ItemID referenced in the URL is not intended to hold the ItemID of a specific device. This change is a global change performed against the discovery configuration for the system as a whole. The ItemID expected is that of the default discovery configuration entry. To find that ID use the URL http://DA_HOSTName:8581/rest/discoverydefaultconfig