Rally - On-premises: Performing a restore from a manual backup
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Rally - On-premises: Performing a restore from a manual backup


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Rally On-Premise


How to restore a backup file that was generated manually from KB 136010





SCP the dumpfile.dmp file into the /tmp directory of the new services virtual machine (VM)

As the ops user, run the following command on the services VM.  This will be the location that you need to place the .dmp file.

$ docker volume inspect $(docker volume ls --format='{{.Name}}' | grep oracle-backup) --format='{{.Mountpoint}}' 



Run the command below to move the dump file from the /tmp directory into the oracle-backup mount point.  Due to file permissions the file cannot be directly copied to the location below from a remote location.

$ sudo mv /tmp/dumpfile.dmp /var/lib/docker/volumes/repl10aeecc4_oracle-backup/_data

Once the dumpfile.dmp has been moved into place, run the following command to restore the dumpfile into the new Oracle VM

$ caac oracle_restore


=== Purging the SOLR index

SOLR container found at 270e7cabb11e

wait-for.sh: waiting 900 seconds for alm:7001

wait-for.sh: alm:7001 is available after 45 seconds ALM has started responding

Starting purge of solr index

Purge complete, calling reindex_solr

% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

100 64 0 64 0 0 264 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 265 Indexing all active subscriptions - largest first -- non-marking

Started reindexing

=== Purging the SOLR index - done 

Once the restore completes, the appliance will be automatically restarted and the data should be available.  Verify all users and data are present and perform any testing needed.