CAL2SM01W - Area: IXX DBID: 0770 Full: 89.44%
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CAL2SM01W - Area: IXX DBID: 0770 Full: 89.44%


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CA 7 Workload Automation



CA7 dataset getting high utilization in the   IXX770.   How do I reduce or resize the dataset and if I want to reallocate the IXX770 to a larger size, what job can I run?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA-7


You can first run the Datacom DBUTLTY with the option of DEFRAG in your SYSIN.  It running a defrag does not reduce the size to a desirable size, you may want to reallocate the data and inde areas used by CA 7.

The AL2DCC40 located in the CAL2JCL library can be used to resize the data and index areas used by CA 7.   Pay close attention to all instructions in the comments area prior to proceeding with this job.    As always, insure that a backup is performed prior to the reallocation.