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Sub-object Edit Instance Specific right does not work in New UX


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Instance Specific rights on Sub Objects does not work in Clarity New UX



1.    Create a sub object under the project object. 

2.    Go to the New UX, and create a new blueprint or edit an existing one. 

3.    Add the newly created Sub Object module in that Blueprint. 

4.    Create a new project or open an existing project, and set the Blueprint as the one, just modified. This is going to be the test project.

5.    Create a new user and add "Project Management - Tiles Navigate", "Project Management - Navigate" and "Projects - Navigate global" rights.

6.    Add the resource as a team member of the test project.

7.    Login to Clarity as an Admin user and create a sub object instance under the test project. 

8.    While logged in as the Admin user, go to Administration --> Resources and open the Test user which was created. 

9.    Add the View and Edit rights related to that Sub object as Instance-specific rights to that test user. 

10.  These instance rights will be added to the resource based on the Sub object instance that was created in Step #7.

11.    Logout from the Clarity as Admin. 

12.    Login as the test user in the Classic PPM UI. 

13.    Go to Home --> Projects and open the test project. 

14.    Go to the Sub object list page from the Properties drop down

15.    Try to edit the name of the sub-object instance and Save. 

16.    The Change was saved. This is expected. 

17.    Now go to the New User Experience with the same user.

18.    Access the test project and click on the module that was added for the sub-object.

19.    The sub-object instance can be seen there. 

20.    Try to modify the name again.  


Expected Result: The user should be able to Edit the Sub-object instance. 

Actual Result: User gets error message: 'API-1007 : You are not authorized to process request. Contact your system administrator for necessary security rights.'


This was reported as Defect DE50909


Clarity PPM 15.x


Sustaining Engineering is working to enhance the API to support custom sub-object instance rights in the Modern UX for new releases.



This is now supported as per 15.7.1
For previous versions, use the workaround.

Additional Information


Use Global access rights.  This will provide the user the ability to access all sub-object records under a master object for which he/she has access.