CA Bundl - Bundl Weekly Job Abended
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CA Bundl - Bundl Weekly Job Abended


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The client's weekly CA Bundl job abended with the following:

+BND7001I CA-Bundl version: 5.0.00,  level: 5.0.00        

+BND7227E One or more input archive data sets could not be found in the system catalog                                                                                          

+BND7008I Job ended - return code 0016  

The client had corruption problems in their last weekly run, and want to know if this problem was a result of those corruption problems. 


Release : 5.0

Component : CA Bundl


The client was initially allocated 20 GDGs for their use. 

They confirmed that their WEEKLY consolidation process can require input of more than 7 days worth of DAILY archive files, because they can create multiple DAILY files per day.

Due to the number of allocated GDGs, they had tapes that had been written over, losing some data. 

As a safeguard measure, they increased the GDG generation LIMIT for the DAILY files from 20 to 40, to accommodate any additional failed weekly consolidations.

They also added measures (i.e., Step checking in their job's JCL) that will notify their Operation staff when a consolidation process (programs DPMB019 and DPMB020) receive a non-zero return code.