Endevor 18.1 New Features and System Requirements
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Endevor 18.1 New Features and System Requirements


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Are there any new features or changes to system requirements being delivered with CA Endevor Software Change Manager (Endevor) 18.1? 


Release: CA Endevor Software Change Manager 18.1 



The following lists the new features and/or new system requirements in Endevor Release 18.1

Transition to Continuous Delivery 

After the version 18.0 incremental update 12, we have transitioned from the Incremental Release model to a Continuous Delivery (CD) release model.  The CD model provides new product features to be delivered as individual PTFS, separate from product fixes providing more flexibility to select which service stream elements you want to apply.  You are not required to apply all new features in the CD release model; however we strongly recommend that you stay current with new feature maintenance.  SMP/E dependencies still apply when selectively applying maintenance.  For more information see GA Continuous Delivery Release

Installation/System Requirements

Beginning with Endevor 18.1, the ENUXSITE, C1DEFLTS, ENCOPTBL, and all USER EXITS  must be assembled or compiled and linked with the RENT attribute. 

   *** Note: A S0C4 Abend may occur if you execute an EXIT program that has been linked with a RENT attribute but the program has not been modified to be fully reentrant. 

-All Tables, Exits and API programs must reside in an APF-authorized.  If one of these modules comes from a non-authorized library, a U0078 Abend occurs.  The U0078 abend is accompanied by an eight-digit reason code, the first four digits of which indicate why the abend occured: 

     - ABEND=S000 U0078 REASON=00140000

       ENUXSITE was not found, or is missing from the APF Load Library. 

     - ABEND=S000 U0078 REASON=00180000

        C1DEFLTS was not found, or is missing from the APF Load Library 

     - ABEND=S000 U0078 REASON=001C0000

       C1DEFLTS was not linked with the RENT attribute. 

***Note:  ISPF services are not available when the ENUSXITE exits is invoked, even if the exit is invoked from Endevor running in TSO. 

Removal of Some ENCOPTBL Options 

The option ENDICNFG_CONLIB and UNAUTH_DFLTS have been removed in order to protect the system, in accordance with system integrity best practices.  The C1DEFLTS and ENCOPTBL tables must be reassembled and relinked before you run Endevor 18.1 

'Learn More' Links now display by Default

The weblink to the "Learn More' page of end-user resources is diplayed by default in Endevor 18.1  This text appears in the ISPF Classic Primary menu panel, the Quick Edit primary panel, and the Parallel Development Manager (PDM) primary panel, along with updated product copyright information, and was previously hidden by default.  To hide the "Learn More" text and copyright info, change the UI_OPT_DSPL_LEARN_MORE configuration from Y to N in the ISPF DIALOG OPTIONS TABLE - ENDICNFG.