CA LDAP RACF searches timing out
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CA LDAP RACF searches timing out


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RACF ldapsearches to list 14,000+ getting timeout by CA LDAP. 

Searches for individual RACF users don't get timeout. 


Release : 15.0

Component : CA LDAP Server for z/OS


Depending on the number of users on that RACF security file, 14,000 users is a lot of information and mega/gigabytes of data you are trying to have RACF extract and pass to CA LDAP. It will require time to process that kind of request. Either you increase the timeout or reduce the about of data being requested.

This kind of request is I/O and CPU intensive for RACF. Running this query frequently on a production system could potentially bring your system to a crawl.

Suggest determining what you are trying to achieve and generating a query that is not so I/O and CPU intensive.

This is not a CA LDAP problem. CA LDAP is timing out because he is waiting for RACF.

RACF is taking a long time because of the query being requested is so large, I/O and CPU intensive. A smaller query would allow RACF to respond faster to CA LDAP and therefore no timeout would occur.