Scrollable element field for Endevor V18
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Scrollable element field for Endevor V18


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In Endevor R17.0 the element field has no + symbol

ELEMENT     ===>            

In Endevor R18.0 the + symbol has been provided.

ELEMENT     ===>            +

Can this + symbol be removed in V18 ?  What benefit is provided for having + symbol in element field ?


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The administrator can set the default layout in the ISPF Default Configuration table, ENDICNFG, using the parameter UI_OPT_ELEMENT.  the default layout can be either long layout or short layout.

For short layout, the Element field appears in the usual location, but it can still be expanded and scrolled.  + symbol will always exist in element field for Endevor V18. 

The benefit for this is to allow Endevor user to enter long name (255 is the max character limits) for the element field. 

Expand a scrollable field into a window:

Type ZEXPAND in the command line. Then place your cursor within the scrollable field and press Enter. Alternatively, you can perform the ZEXPAND command using a PF key set to this command. If you have a PF key set for the ZEXPAND command, place your cursor within the scrollable field and then press that PF key.

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