How can I uninstall Management UI but not the data DSAs?
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How can I uninstall Management UI but not the data DSAs?


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CA Directory


Based on documentation, we should not create new DSA on CA Directory Management UI host. Please refer below


Installing CA Directory Management UI


It says

  • The DXServer that gets installed along with the Management UI, is only used by the Management UI internally. Hence, you should not create new dsa's on Management UI dxserver.
  • Management UI should not be installed in a machine which already has DXServer installed.

In case you have production data DSAs which are running on the same machine with the Management UI the you need to separate Management UI from them. How can we uninstall Management UI but not the existing production data DSAs?


Release : 12.6

Component : CA Directory


This procedure will uninstall 12.6 Management UI component only on Windows and leave data DSAs remain (management-ui DSA will be stopped)

1. Please do backup so you can restore the system to the stage before running the procedure below

2. Mount the 12.6 CA Directory Management UI media and run dxmgmtuisetup.exe

3. At "Add and Remove Components" dialog select Modify

4. At "Custom Setup" dialog deselect only Management UI component

You can do similar procedure on Linux too.