I need a report of HIDRO tapes with I/O errors
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I need a report of HIDRO tapes with I/O errors


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VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


I need to create a report of HIDRO tapes with I/O errors. 

What is the syntax to get the I/O errors on the report.


Release : 2.8 

Product = HiDRO

z/VM 6.4


You can run a report interactively by issuing:  SMSG SYBMON CMD IOELOG

When looking at HIDROs' defaults,

specifically, IOE LOG, that specifies

whether or not HiDRO should record information about all I/O errors 

in a log called IOERROR LOG.

 Two settings are possible:

   -- ON Record I/O errors in the IOERROR LOG.

   -- OFF Do not record I/O errors.

 The delivered default is ON.

As doc'ed in HELP, because the information in the IOERROR LOG is in binary form, HiDRO is delivered with a predefined EXEC called IOELOG which decodes, then prints or displays, and finally erases the file, if you wish.

Its parameters are  PRINT or DISPLAY and/or ERASE.

The IOELOG EXEC may be run as a scheduled event (as is the default) or at any time with SMSG.