Rally - Save button greyed out
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Rally - Save button greyed out


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Rally On-Premise Rally SaaS


When creating a new work item, or editing an existing work item, the "Save" button is greyed out and unavailable for any interaction even though project permissions for the user are set to Editor level or higher.


Release : SAAS



This is caused by a required field that has not been satisfied by the UI


In order for the "Save" button to become active, all required fields must be filled in.

Required fields will have a red asterisk next to the field name as seen in the below image

All required fields should be visible in the field chooser button available near the upper right side of the details page.  By default, all fields are shown however you may use this list to view fields that are required.

If a field has recently been converted to a required field, or a new required field has been added to the work item type, it may be necessary to clear your browser cache before the UI will display that a new field is now required.