Inconsistent Display of OM Web Viewer 12.1 Audit Log
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Inconsistent Display of OM Web Viewer 12.1 Audit Log


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Output Management Web Viewer


Audit Log with two different set ups below on Administration/Preferences/Auditing Settings page will display differently. Why do Administrators see different content in the same audit log? 1Sys Admin Role #1 and Sys Admin Role #2 shown different/missing activities when looking at the very same audit log.  

Log File:

File rolling:  No/daily

File rolling: Yes/monthly


Output Management Web Viewer 12.1


The reason they were seeing two different Audit Logs is that they were accessing two different, Load-Balanced Web Viewer Servers. There is only one Audit Log per Web Viewer server.


Determined that the Production Web Viewer was actually two separate Web Viewers, running out of different LPARS/on different systems. That explained why different Administrators were seeing many of the same statistics, but Different OM Web Viewer start times and number of active users - two different Web Viewers logging data in two different folders, and writing to two, different Audit Log files.