How to find support and compatibility matrix for SOLVE / Netmaster
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How to find support and compatibility matrix for SOLVE / Netmaster


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CMDB for z/OS NetSpy Network Performance NetMaster Network Automation SOLVE NetMaster Network Management for SNA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster File Transfer Management SOLVE:Access Session Management SOLVE:Operations Automation SOLVE:FTS Solve:CPT


Trying do determine whether the product I am running is supported and whether it has the required maintenance needed for a  z/OS upgrade. How can I find that information?


All SOLVE and Netmaster products


The product support matrix for SOLVE and Netmaster can be found here

The compatibility matrix can be found here


For future reference:

To find product support information in general from within the website , you can do the following:

1. go to 

2. select  Mainframe Software

3. Scroll about halfway down

4. Select Product Lifecycle Details by clicking the link in blue in the appropriately named box.

5. Above the search box in small writing s a statement pointing you to the Mainframe Software lifecycle information. Click the hyperlink in blue. 

6. Under Maintenance Services, click on "Release and Support Lifecycle Dates".

7. From here scroll down the table to CA Netmaster  or CA SOLVE and select the product you want to check. 
     NOTE: SOLVE:CPT may be located at the bottom of the matrix under Unicenter.


To  find hardware and software compatibility, such as z/OS or zEnterprise, follow all steps up through #3.
4.  click the box titled  'Compatibility Matrix'

5. Select the desired compatibility (z/OS, for example)

6. Enter either Netmaster or SOLVE in the search bar; you will be shown a list of all related products. A hiperlink will be available pointing to any additional maintenance, or scroll down to see that information for all related products.

Additional Information

This status is accurate as of September 2021..
If this no longer correct, please contact Netmaster support so the information can be updated.