Modify/Delete provisioning role fails
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Modify/Delete provisioning role fails


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When we try to delete or modify a provisioning role we get the follow error : an exception occurred while submitting null task. 


Release : 12.6 SPx / 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Due to some inconsistency, the Provisioning Role only exists in IM but not on Provisioning side, therefore when we are trying to delete the role, when searched on the provisioning side, it is not found.

In the etatrans.log, we see 0 entry count for the corresponding search

20191002:150801:TID=000e04:Search    :E220:----:I: FINAL SEARCH FILTER:
20191002:150801:TID=000e04:Search    :E220:----:I: (&(eTRoleName=ROLE1_TO_DELETE)(objectClass=eTRole))
20191002:150801:TID=000e04:Search    :E220:----:F: SUCCESS: External Search (eTRoleContainerName=Roles), entry-count: 0


We can use either of the following 2 methods to correct it:

1. Try and edit the role "ROLE1_TO_DELETE" from IM (change description, for example) then try to delete it. Inspect the etatrans.log in a similar way and see if the role is then found (and then deleted).

2. If the above step doesn't work - please utilize Provisioning Manager to create a Provisioning role with the exact same name - then a deletion from IM UI should work.

Additional Information

Provisioning Roles can only be deleted when there are no users assigned to it.