DevTest Server Applications Timeout When Started
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DevTest Server Applications Timeout When Started


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


Getting timed out error while launching all DevTest applications and the services simulator, coordinator, virtual service environment are all stopping. 


• Upgrading from DevTest  in the same folder.

• Looks like install got corrupted, so un-installed and re-installed to a new folder, different from the first install 

• Installed DevTest to a new folder.  

• Started IAM but was not able to use hostname or IP address in URL.

• The browser looks to not like hostnames with .local in the name and when we use IP address the browser times out.  

• Could see from the IAM server log: Undertow HTTPS listener https listening on, so the only way to bring up IAM from the browser is with this url:  We were able to login.

• When starting the Enterprise Dashboard getting this error:

2019-10-01 20:10:52,744Z (13:10) [main] ERROR org.springframework.boot.SpringApplication - Application startup failed

java.lang.Exception: Unable to start internal database after 3 attempts, giving up


at$ Source)


•    All supported DevTest releases

•    Server environment is running on MACOS

•    Database is Derby

•    DevTest Patches applied: none


Machine DevTest was running on could not resolve IP/Hostname.


Needed to add IP address and hostname to the /etc/hosts file. 

Restarted all components and was able to login to IAM, Enterprise Dashboard, Portal and Workstation using hostname with no errors.