Automation Point upgrade to rel 11.6 SP1 (GA) and activating Alert Manager
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Automation Point upgrade to rel 11.6 SP1 (GA) and activating Alert Manager


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Automation Point


After the install of Automation Point(AP) rel 11.6 SP1 (GA) and activating/enabling the new Alert Manager there can be happening 2 problems.

  1.  AP desktop isnt starting anymore, or Autostart feature crashes.
  2. It's possible to log into the Alert Manager in the browser. However, it auto-exits to the login screen every time.  


Release : 11.6



Automation Point(AP) upgrade from r11.6 SP1 BETA to GA: 

The SP1 beta version has a different DB layout and now when AP is upgraded to SP1 GA, and AM is activated, it crashes because of this.


Please remove the /ProgramData/CA/CA Automation Point/Site/Data directory.
And then enable AM again.
Next upgrades and restarts, this wont happen anymore.

If you upgrade directly to CA AP r11.6 SP1, checking the permissions of Alter Manager is necessary. 

To configure the access to Alerts follow these steps: 

  1. In AP Configuration Manager go to "Expert Interface\Automation\Events Interface\Alert Manager Control Panel" and click Configure. 
  2. Switch to tab "Zone/Owner Definition".
  3. While having the "Unassigned Zone" selected chose the "Permission Level" from the dropdown menu and then confirm your changes. 

    This will define default access to alerts (If it's decided to create own zones, then define user access for alerts coming from resources assigned to specific zones). Option FULL will give admin access to all authenticated users, EXEC will give them user access, VIEW read only and NONE will deny them access. Alternatively use FILE security which will grant these accesses based on access to a file just like when defining access to remote viewer sessions.