Rolling log on daily basis in CA Advanced Authentication
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Rolling log on daily basis in CA Advanced Authentication


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort) CA Strong Authentication CA Rapid App Security CA Risk Authentication CA Advanced Authentication CA API Gateway


The product java applications: ArcotAdmin, ArcotUds and ArcotAfm are configured by the files udsserver.ini , adminserver.ini and file

The logging feature inside these configuration files uses the log4j convention, because the log4j libraries are used inside them.

Because customer would like to implement the logging to create a daily log file, what should be done for this?


Release : 9.0

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)


Below steps should be taken to create a Daily log file and changes should be made in respective ini and properties file -

#old property


#Newly added##


This example is driven from AFM properties file but property value should work fine for Admin and UDS both.