SDM: How does WSP form updates work in Advance Availability
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SDM: How does WSP form updates work in Advance Availability


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When using WSP to effect a change in the forms, what happens when a form change is published in Advance Availability?


Release : 17.x



It is important to distinguish the two kinds of changes that can be made in WSP.

Form changes:  This is defined as when a web form in Service Desk needs to be created/updated.  This includes adding a new button or text field or any such changes that would alter the look and feel of the Web GUI itself.  Usually, most web form changes do not require services to be restarted.

Schema changes:  This is defined as any change made in Schema Designer to modify the backend database to add a custom column or table.  This procedure requires services to be restarted.

When using WSP to effect a Form change, one will need to run WSP in the Background Server.  The forms are created/modified as needed, then saved.  Saving the form by itself only holds the forms in a "project" folder in the backend directory on the background server.  To have the forms apply to your environment, one must choose to Publish the form changes in WSP.  By doing so, the forms are then propagated across to the standby and application servers for immediate use.  The form propagation takes place through Service Desk's Version Control feature.

If forms are NOT being sent out across from the BG Server to the SB and App Servers, one will need to investigate if there is a problem with Version Control configuration.

Additional Information

Schema change procedures in AA are described here: