CA View - Required Upgrade for Support
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CA View - Required Upgrade for Support


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What releases of CA View are supported?

What release of CAS9 (CA Common Services) must be installed to support an upgrade of CA View?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


The currently-supported releases of CA View/Deliver are 12.2 and 14.0. 

CAS9 is part of CA Common Services, where the requirement for CA View/Deliver is that CAIRIM and CA LMP be present. CA DRAS has additional CA Common Services requirements of CAIENF and CAICCI. 

For CA Common Services, no documentation mentions as to what level of Common Services is needed, only that what Common Services is being used should be a supported release.

Assisted the client with the following:

 . Creating a View database (SARDBASE ADDDS DATA and INDEX).

 . Loading View panels to the database (SARDBASE OLOAD).

 . Loading View banners to the database (SARDBASE BLOAD).

 . Running SARINIT to initiate the database.

With a new database, the client was then able to:

 . Run a report to the database.

 . Create a list of reports in the database (SARBCH /LIST).

 . Print a report from the database (SARBCH /PRINT).