Problems modeling connections between CheckPoint 13500 and Nexus 5672UP
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Problems modeling connections between CheckPoint 13500 and Nexus 5672UP


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


I´m experiencing some issues while trying to model connectivity and  to update "live links" between devices. There are plenty of connections since these are core devices. 

First of all, the model representing the CheckPoint 13500, which is a CheckPointFWContainer containing the physical device plus the Virtual Firewalls contained, seems to be quite unstable. 

Sometimes it changes the connections already established due to some interface reconfiguration and, when you want to update or fix the connectivity, you find issues while deleting links or updating the model.

This issue is not just affecting SPECTRUM but also UIM, since by changing the ifindex the dashboards and the statistics from ports are wrong, showing information from some other ports.


Release : Any supported versions

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


ifindex persistence not configured on the device.


The interfaces table is changing with every reboot. 

There is a concept called ifindex persistence that should be configured on the device. 

Please discuss how to configure this with the device vendor.