How do I migrate the NFA Console or Harvester to a new server?
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How do I migrate the NFA Console or Harvester to a new server?


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA) DX NetOps


How do I migrate the NFA Console or Harvester to a new server?


Release : 10.0



The steps for migrating your NFA Console and/or Harvester servers to a new server can be found in the links below:


If on 9.3.3 follow the steps in the link below: (Upgrade Microsoft Windows Server 2008 to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2)

If running a 3 tier environment you must Converting From a Three-Tier to a Two-Tier Architecture


If on 9.3.6 or later follow the steps in the link below: (Upgrade Microsoft Windows Server from 2012 R2 to Microsoft Windows Server 2016)


The work flow for doing this and some additional tips are below:

1. Install the same version of NFA on the new server, if possible to the same drive and directory path.

Before installing the Console on the new server, make sure you go through and install the prerequisites from the two links below:


2. The guide says to back the full  \CA\NFA\Netflow\datafiles\ directory but you only need the directories below and copy over to the new server, this will take some time:

  •  \CA\NFA\Netflow\datafiles\ReaperArchive15 - this is your historical 15 Minute Resolution data for up to the last 12+ months.  
  •  \CA\NFA\Netflow\datafiles\ReaperArchive - (Optional) this is your 1 minute data only retained for the last 30 days, so this is optional.
  •  \CA\NFA\Netflow\datafiles\HarvesterArchive - (Do not move to new server) - this is only the last 24-48 hours of Flow Forensics data and is a huge amount of data, which we do not recommend moving.


3. If NFA is linked to PC, go into DX NetOps ->Administration->Data Sources  and Disable the NFA Data Source, DO NOT DELETE THE DATA SOURCE.


4. Shutdown all services on the current servers except the CA Mysql Service.


5. Backup the mysql databases on all servers in your current environment using mysqldump as outlined in steps 3c for the Harvester and 4c for the Console in the link above.


6. Copy .sql files from the last step over to the new servers and restore them with the steps from the guide.


7. Restore the mysqldump files by following steps 3h (in the NFA Upgrade documentation) for the Harvester and 4g (also in the NFA Upgrade documentation) for the console server.


8. If you have installed to a new drive or directory path, follow step 10 of the article below, if not, skip this step:


9. If the hostname has changed, go into DX NetOps ->Administration->Data Sources and EDIT the NFA Data Source with the new hostname.  DO NOT DELETE THE NFA DATA SOURCE.


10. Start all CA NFA* and NetQos* services on the servers.


11. If your Harvester IP addresses have changed, please go into DX NetOps ->Administration->Data Sources/Network Flow Analysis@...
See Article ID: 216814 - Call NFA Administration page
Select Harvester and Edit the Harvester addresses.  DO NOT DELETE THE HARVESTERS, as this will cause a loss of all data for that Harvester.


12. Enable the NFA Data Source in PC.

If you are running NFA 22.2.4+, you will need to change the IP Address in the ReporterAnalyzer.ini file located in D:/CA/NFA/DBUSERS/

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