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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We are getting the following error and would like to know the cause of this message. 

PAM-SRM-0012: An error occurred while post-processing of session recording: Recording file contains only file header packet. Possibly the remote server is powered off or security settings are too high. Deleting the file: xxxxx-0000022229-1569618932256_RDP


This message may be seen on any supported PAM release as of September, 2019.


These messages typically are associated with failed RDP connections that have no contents to record.


Session recording is initialized before the RDP connection is established. The messages are expected for RDP connections that never get started, in which case there is no contents to record, and the recording file can be deleted. If you would have expected the RDP connection to work, e.g. because the problem is not observed consistently, ruling out the causes suggested by the message, and you need PAM support to investigate further, please open a support case and attach the following information:

- Time when the problem was observed, and which user tried to connect to which RDP server.

- PAM client log (logs.log from the PAM client installation folder).

- System logs (logs.bin) from the PAM server that the user was connected to at the time (as seen at the bottom of the PAM client UI).

- Session logs (session log export) from the PAM server.