SB00 abend in IDMS CV during normal processing
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SB00 abend in IDMS CV during normal processing


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A CV abended unexpectedly with as SB00 abend.

11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR010E RHDCOS00 SB00 at 00FF85DA LMOD N/A CSECT N/A +N/A

11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR060I BREAKING EVENT ADDRESS: 00000000 0101074A       
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR061I PSW: 07041000 80000000 00000000 00FF85DA        
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR062I ILC: 04 INTERRUPT CODE: 10                      
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR067I COMPLETION CODE SB00 REASON CODE 00000000       
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR064I DATA AT PSW 00FF85D4 : 401CA784 000B5831 00001820
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR065I HOME = 00E2  PRIMARY = 00E2  SECONDARY = 00E2   
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR070I GR00 - GR01  00000000_1A165830 00000000_C9D6C440
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR070I GR02 - GR03  00000000_02934800 00000000_00000000
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR070I GR04 - GR05  000000F0_057CD500 D4D74040_80FE0A18
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR070I GR06 - GR07  00000000_000000E2 00000000_00FCB7D8
11.14.22 S0106067  +CCSR070I GR08 - GR09  00000000_1DF5D740 00000000_02934C2C


Release : Any supported release.
Component : CA IDMS.


SB00 abends have historically occurred more likely in batch jobs but this one is in a CV.


This is a recent (as of September, 2019) z/OS problem requiring an APAR.
It is related to the usage of SMF type 42 records, subtype 27.

The recommendation is to check with IBM regarding this abend.