The task "Cancel In Progress Task Only" does not remove in progress task from view submitted task.
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The task "Cancel In Progress Task Only" does not remove in progress task from view submitted task.


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The Cleanup Submitted Tasks does not successfully "Cancel In Progress Task Only"
After running the task in progress task still appear in view submitted task.


Release : 12.6.x, 14.x
Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


There can be a number of different reason why task get stuck in progress.
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Here are the steps to cleanup the in-progress task on MS SQL Server.

1.  Execute the sql script contents of this file: Create stored procedure clean_in_progress_task_withWF.txt.
This script creates a new stored procedure called: clean_in_progress_task_only_withWF

2.  The next execute contents of the file called:  Query to list only in progress task_withWF.txt
This script will give you a list of the in-progress task that will be removed. 

***You will need to modify the "last_access_time" for your time period you would like to clean.  
***Make sure the environmentid OID number is correct. More on the ime_id or OID value is below
***BE CAREFUL - This script will also remove WorkFlow task at are in progress.

3.  Next to clean in-progress task execute the MSSQL stored procedure: clean_in_progress_task_only_withWF

@ime_id = This value corresponds to the environment OID value.  The OID can be found using the Identity Manager Management Console and by selecting the environment.
@cutoff_time =  This value represents the cutoff date/time value. All records in one of the pending states prior to this date/time stamp will be subject for removal. Example:  08/29/2018 12:59:59 PM  
@chuck_rec_count= This value represents the number of records that will be processed prior to a commit being performed on the table. (the default setting for this value is 500)

4. After running the stored procedure verify the task have been removed by again running the content of the file: Query to list only in progress task_withWF.txt
The list returned show now be empty.

5. You can login into the IDM user console and verify the in-progress task are removed.

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