How to tell Spectrum to not use an ip address for trap processing
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How to tell Spectrum to not use an ip address for trap processing


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum processing traps on devices that share a common ip address. How can I tell Spectrum to process the trap on one model but not the other?


Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Spectrum will assert traps on all models that have the IP.


You can use the "Preferred Addresses List" on a model to tell Spectrum which ip addresses to use for trap processing and which ip address to not use for trap processing.

To configure this:

1. Find and select the model in Spectrum

2. Click on the Information tab in the Component Detail panel

3. Find and expand the IP Redundancy subview

4. Click on the "Configure Preferred and Excluded Address..." button

5. Move or add the ip address you do not want Spectrum to use for trap processing in the "Redundancy Excluded Addresses" column and click OK

6. Set the "Use Redundancy Preferred Address List For Trap Processing" parameter to Yes.

Additional Information

  • EventAdmin models do not support IPRedundancy.
  • The IP Redundancy exclusion setting is configured on the device model and this setting doesn’t exist on the EvenAdmin models.
  • EventAdmin model processing is separate logic from the regular device model.