ECLI not working - Failed to log on using the given credentials
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ECLI not working - Failed to log on using the given credentials


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Getting an error "failed to login with given credential" when trying to use the ECLI.  Don't have any credential setup so it should be default to my WCC username/password, which I can login into the AE server with.  





Release :

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent

WCC version

[root@xxxxx WorkloadCC]# ./

Product Name:  CA Workload Control Center

Copyright:     Copyright (c) 2019 CA Inc. All rights reserved.

Level:         11.4

Service Pack:  7

Patch Number:  0

Build Number:  20190227-b69

Volume Label:  CA-WCC11.4.7-02-27

Platform: linux

[root@lxxxx WorkloadCC]#

Autosys version

autoflags -a

1643 LINUX ORA 11.3.6 SP8 c80a8d0b


Run  AutosysCommandWrapper.exe in debug mode


open_pam_libhandle() - entry

open_pam_libhandle() - failed to open libpam

authenticateWithPam() - open pam libhandle failed


Add 32-bit 'libpam' to the libraries 

Make sure that credentials are validate successfully

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