Recommended procedure for robot rename or change of IP
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Recommended procedure for robot rename or change of IP


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Are there documented best practices for handling scenarios when a UIM Robot system changes hostname and/or IP?


Release : 9.0.1 or higher

Component : UIM - ROBOT


- Administration/automation


Procedure for robot rename or change of IP - here is the sequence of steps involved in such a procedure.

There is nothing 'out of the box' available in UIM to do this by 'pressing a button' to automate it so to speak but it could be scripted and tested.

1. Stop the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service

2. Remove the robot from the hub (via deletion of robot.sds or removerobot callback)

3. Query cm_computer_system table to get the associated cs_id(s) by running the sql statement
     select * from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where name = '<robot_name>'
4. Remove the device using the discovery_server probe callback to remove the master device by the cs_id
5. On the robot server file system – delete the niscache folder
6. Edit the robot.cfg and change the robot name/ip
7. Start the robot service
8. Validate security for any probes that fail the file check. (a nas AO profile and LUA script can be used for this purpose)

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