Can we get help with a script to lock fields?
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Can we get help with a script to lock fields?


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  • We have a script that is going to be used to lock a recently introduced field / attribute for existing ideas.
  • This is accomplished by inserting records in the table: odf_locked_attributes. 
  • Is it possible to get support approval to execute?



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  1. Direct database updates are not supported. 
  2. The supported way would to do this would be through a system action in a process to lock the attribute.
  3. If you have a large number of ideas you need to perform this step for one way that may help:
  • Create a temporary process that can be run to lock the field
    • The start condition of that process can be a custom attribute that you could update via XOG
    • Which in turn will trigger a process which will lock that attribute.