Maximum length of processor user symbolic
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Maximum length of processor user symbolic


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cannot find max length of user symbolic (including &) always thought max 8 but in manual there is $C1AHHMMSS (10)

please let me know max characters for user symbolics.



Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


Define the Site Symbolics Use the following format to define a symbolic and its data value in the site-defined symbolics table: 

$ESYMBOL SYMNAME=#symbolname,SYMDATA=symbolvalue 

The following information describes the preceding format: 


The symbol name must begin with the # character and is 1 to 11 characters in length. 

The # indicates that the symbol is defined in the site-defined symbolics table. 


The data value associated with the site symbolic is 1 to 70 characters in length, with no restrictions on the content of the data.

For more information on defining site symbolics please see the documentation: