Error Unable to Open Server in certain Collect Task
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Error Unable to Open Server in certain Collect Task


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


The engine has error "Unable to Open Server" when trying to collect task from a Scalability Server.


Client Automation - All Versions


Apply the following procedures to the target servers, the SS and DM. Additionally, we'll need further information to help identify the cause of error in case it persists. 

Enable the DSM\logs of DM and SS involved in detail mode running the command on both machines (cftrace command below).

First, on DSM Explorer go to the engine running the collect task of this scalability and unlink this task.

Also, delete or rename the folder ..\CA\DSM\ServerDB only on the SS when stop CAF/CAM. It'll be recreated when caf start.


Apply this procedures in both SS and DM:

>cftrace -c set -l detail -s 50000 -ln 8

>caf stop 

>caf kill all 

>cam change disabled 


>csampmux stop

Delete or rename the folder ..\CA\DSM\ServerDB

>cam change auto 

>camclose & cam start -c -l 

Make a copy of folder %CAI_MSQ%\logs before caf start, and attach to case.

>caf start

Relink the collect task to the engine.

* Check if the collect task for the referencing SS are running as expected in the engine assigned to it.

Note: Sometimes just unlinking and re-linking the task appears to have resolved the issue. The Scalability server should collect now.

Additional Information

If the problem persists, attach to case the following files and folders from DM and SS if they exist: 

1. the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\logs 

2. the folder %CAI_MSQ%\logs (example: C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\CAM\logs) 

3. the file %CAI_MSQ%\cam.cfg 

4. the output of command 'dsmver'; 

5. the file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\<host_name>.his; 

6. the output of command 'caf status all > caf_status_all.out';

7. the output of command 'camstat -a > camstat_a.out';

8. add some screenshots showing the error.