How to use the TIMEOUT facility
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How to use the TIMEOUT facility


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I'm trying to test the TIMEOUT facility, via the $NM TIMEOUT parameter set shown with the /PARMS command in MAI.

I've set them as follows:

 N22202 TOACT1   LOG                       CUSTOMIZER     TIMEOUT 
 N22202 TOACT2   LOCK                      CUSTOMIZER     TIMEOUT 
 N22202 TOALARM  3                         DEFAULT        -       
 N22202 TODISC   0.00                      DEFAULT        -       
 N22202 TOLOCK   NO                        CUSTOMIZER     TIMEOUT 
 N22202 TOSTART  TIO                       CUSTOMIZER     TIMEOUT 
 N22202 TOTIME1  20.00                     CUSTOMIZER     TIMEOUT 
 N22202 TOTIME2  10.00                     CUSTOMIZER     TIMEOUT 

with the idea that this will result in a LOG entry after 20 minutes since any terminal input or output, and then a screen lock after another 10 minutes.

However, I don't see the LOG entry or the screen lock.

What am I doing wrong?


Release : 5.0

Component : CA SOLVE:Access Session Management


Along with the TIMEOUT parameter group, the user is required to have User Timeout set to YES in UAMS.

The option is on PAGE 1 of the USER DEFINITION screen.