Comparison of MII and GRS function
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Comparison of MII and GRS function


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM) MIM Data Sharing (MII)


What are MII functions where GRS does not have. Is there a comparison list of MII and GRS functions?



Release : 12.5

Component : MIM


There are no comparison list for MII and GRS functions. 

MII can process mainly as follows ;

• Supports diverse configurations—that is, sysplex, non-sysplex, and mixed. No matter how your

DASD sharing requirements change with respect to sysplex, Unicenter CA-MII will be able to support

it. Think of running Unicenter CA-MII as “insurance” for the future!

• Supports many different communication methods—that is, DASD, CTC, XCF, or XES list structures

• Allows you to monitor current ENQ performance in real-time using operator-friendly display


• Keeps track of historical ENQ information via operator display commands or via SMF recording

• Can be used to expedite the resolution of local and global ENQ conflicts by sending informational

messages to operators and TSO users

• Can requeue batch jobs to free up initiators, and increase batch job throughput

• Prevents DSCB attribute changes of a data set, preventing it from becoming corrupted and unusable

• Prevents simultaneous DISP=SHR updates, maintaining data integrity in situations where existing

ENQ serialization is not sufficient

• It's work can be offloaded to ZIIP engines which reduces the cost of ownership.