How to measure the number of sign ons within Roscoe?
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How to measure the number of sign ons within Roscoe?


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Q1. The client has the plan that investigates how many SIGNONs to ROSCOE  every 10 minutes. Is there the method?                              


Q2. ACCTSMF=ON,128 is set.                                              

    Is the information of the number of SIGNON written into SMF file ?  


Release: 6.0

Component: Roscoe


  Question 1- you want to know how to automate counting the number of active Roscoe SIGNONs every 10 minutes.                               

  Question 2- you have SMF accounting for Roscoe turned on and you want to know if you do generate a count of active Roscoe SIGNONs every 

                       10 minutes, will this information be written to the SMF file?   

In answer to the basic question, no. There is no way for Roscoe to automatically perform this task. The customer will have to code their own RPF 

in order to accomplish this. If they are going to attempt it, we recommend looking at using Accounting SIGNON as this will give you the truest      

picture of how many signons and signoffs are occurring. 

Yes, this activity would be written out to SMF records so it can be reported.     

You should review the Roscoe Programs and Utilities Guide. Specifically, the parameters that should be set are ACCTREC=SOFF

and/or ACCTREC=SON, ACCTROS=ON and ACCTSMF=ON.                             

As far as interpreting the data; It is basic SMF records showing some signon activity and not a lot of deep detail.