How to move Gen Windows CSE to new server (no Gen upgrade)
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How to move Gen Windows CSE to new server (no Gen upgrade)


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This article describes how to move an existing Gen Windows CSE to a new server with no change or upgrade to the Gen version.


Release: 8.6
Component: Gen Client Server Encyclopedia


  1. Check Operating System and Database compatibility support for the new Windows server in the relevant CA Gen Technical Requirements
  2. Backup the CSE database(s) on the existing server and restore to the new server.

  3. Install the Gen software on new server.
    1. To install the CSE the Custom setup option needs to be used and feature "Encyclopedia Server" needs to be selected.
    2. If generating code from the CSE then feature "Encyclopedia Construction Server" also needs to be selected. The additional features for the Encyclopedia Clients and Encyclopedia Kits may also be useful to have installed on the CSE server itself.

  4. Run the CSE Configuration program as follows:
    1. For "Encyclopedia Database Configuration" use "Skip Encyclopedia tables configuration"
    2. For "Coordination Database Configuration" use "Skip Coordination tables configuration"
    3. The relevant "Set Configuration Parameters" section is: Installing and Configuring CSE > Configuring a CSE> Setting Configuration Parameters

  5. Install any Gen CSN* PTFs that were installed on the existing server along with their prerequisite consolidation PTFs(s).

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