What can happen if the job which issues the ACFRPTRX is cancelled ?
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What can happen if the job which issues the ACFRPTRX is cancelled ?


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The ACFRPTRX report section in ACF2 Techdocs says, " running the ACFRPTRX report with ACF2 specified might affect performance. If you run this report against the online databases and you notice performance degradation, do not cancel this job. Serious system errors might result. “

What is the performance degradation? What serious system error it refers to?


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


Database enqueue problem may occur due to cancellation of ACFRPTRX job.


ACFRPTRX report involves INFO and Rule database and can have lot of read requests.

Because primary databases are read by ACFRPTRX utility, security checks which require access to primary databases may have to wait. Therefore, it is recommended to run ACFRPTRX utility while no or few jobs are running. 

This report can impact i/o to live database. It depends how the job is canceled. If standard JES $CANCEL command is issued to cancel the job,then should be okay. However, if a FORCE CANCEL is issued, then the ACFRPTRX report may keep an enqueue on the database preventing all other Users from accessing it. Users will have to IPL to eliminate the enqueue.


Additional Information

Reference: ACFRPTRX Techdoc link

You may want to review Article Id: 41825 that covers how to run CA ACF2 reports against an alternate database without impacting the live databases.