custom user role - read only
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custom user role - read only


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I need to create a custom role that allow a user to operate in "read only" mode.

User that have assigned this role must be able only to

- search for user

- view credential user status (active, locked...)

User cannot create, delete or touch anything. I create a custom role that has only

webfort - fetch credential

user data service - search user

May you please instruct how to create a restricted and limited role?


Release : 9.1

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)


Follow below steps to create the custom role

1. Login as masteradmin in admin console.

2. Click on sub-tab 'Manage Roles'.

3. Enter 'Role Name', 'Role Display Name' and select 'User Administrator' for 'Role Based On'.

4. Set only these privileges in 'Available Privileges' section:

* View Credential Details

* Search Users

5. Click on Save.

Please refer below screenshot for better understanding.