DUAS6: Translation table creation fails "The field cannot be empty"
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DUAS6: Translation table creation fails "The field cannot be empty"


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The creation of "Translation table" fails upong Saving.

Example:  create a simple Node translation table SDV* -> SRC*,  click on Save and I get the error "The field cannot be empty" and then the next times we get "An attempt was made to create an object that already exists". 

The error that appears in the UVMS uvserver.log is:

|ERROR| request-worker | org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter | Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'ID', table 'DU_UVMS.dbo.UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. 


Release : 6.8,6.9,6.10

Component : Univiewer Management Server

Database: MS SQL Server


The tables UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT and UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE were created with wrong definition for the Column "ID"



In order to solve the problem, you need to upgrade UVMS to version 6.10.11 where the tables will be properly recreated.

Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available. Fix version(s):  Component: Univiewer.Management.Server Dollar Universe 6.10.11 - Released 2nd October 2019


If you can't upgrade to UVMS to 6.10.11 or superior, please apply the workaround described in "Additional Information".

Additional Information

Workaround: recreate UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT and UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE tables properly on SQL Server Studio (adapting the following script):

USE [DU_UVMS] GO DROP TABLE [dbo].[UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT]; DROP TABLE [dbo].[UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE]; create table UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT ( ID bigint IDENTITY(1,1) not null, DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE_ID bigint not null, OBJECT_TYPE varchar(64) not null, SOURCE_NAME varchar(128) not null, DESTINATION_NAME varchar(128) not null, APPLY_ORDER smallint not null, constraint PK_UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT primary key (ID), constraint UNIQUE_DPL_ORDER unique (DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE_ID,OBJECT_TYPE,APPLY_ORDER), constraint UNIQUE_DPL_TRANSLAT unique (DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE_ID,OBJECT_TYPE,SOURCE_NAME) ); create table UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE ( ID bigint IDENTITY(1,1) not null, NAME varchar(64) not null, constraint PK_UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE primary key (ID), constraint UNIQUE_DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE unique (NAME) ); alter table UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT add constraint FK_UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT foreign key (DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE_ID) references UNI_UV_DPL_TRANSLAT_TABLE (ID); GO